The project incorporates the care of elderly lone people in form of the provision of a worthy and adequate service for them. Similar projects have been successfully implemented in a number of countries (like Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Latvia) to assist also the elderly population with the necessary support. 
Our Mobile Care is following strict qualitative standards and includes the following services:

Main Care:
Assistance in daily routines like body care, nutrition and other current needs.

Medical Assistance:
Assistance in medical procedures, which require the competency of a qualified nurse (e.g. insulin injections, change of catheter or bandages, measurement of blood pressure, provision of medicines, assistance and control of doctor’s prescriptions). 

Consumer Services:
Assistance in purchasing day-to-day products, cleaning the living-space and cooking.

Social Consultation:
Offering of an initial interview and following consultation; giving advice on assistance and offering legal and social consultations about targeted current rights (social aid, monetary bonuses, benefits, property interests, etc.).

Our organization selected and trained nurses and social assistants, who systematically visit and freely support elderly people in solving medical, living and social problems. The frequency of their visits depends on the individual needs (approximately twice a week).

In 2010 we started our first Mobile Care project in Tbilisi, Gldani-Nadzaladevi district, which was financed by the ASB Germany. The  local partner and provider of beneficiaries of the SSK was the Tbilisi Municipality. After one year the Tbilisi Municipality took over the project and financed it until 2014. During these years SSK's three Mobile Care teams were able to serve more than 120 elderly lone people.

Between 2012-2014 the SSK implemented a similar project in Telavi (Kakhti Region). It was approved by the Cooperation Agreement between the "Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreich" and the SSK - "Georgian Samaritan Association". The principal donor of the project was the GEZA - "Gemeinnnützige Entwicklungszusammenarbeit GmbH". The main local partner and provider of beneficiaries of the SSK was the Municipality of Telavi. Our two Mobile Care teams in Telavi were able to serve 90 elderly lone people. For reasons beyond our control we were sadly not able to continue the project in 2015.

Instead of that in 2014 the SKK started a Mobile Care project in Gori (Shida Kartli). Donors of the project are AMINA - "Aktiv für Menschen in Not Austria" and the Austrian Development Agency. The main local partner and provider of beneficiaries of the SSK is the Municipality of Gori. Our involvement in this project ended 2016 and luckly has been taken over by the local municipality. In Gori our two Mobile Care teams were also able to serve 90 elderly lone people.
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