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"Make the Surgical Department Great for Them"
   at the CHILDREN'S NEW CLINIC in Tbilisi/ Georgia
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The actual financial situation of Georgian hospitals implicates that only the absolutely neccessary can be covered, so that mostly there cannot be payed attention to the psycho-social aspects. To counteract the SSK started in 2011 the cooperation with the Children's New Clinic "Cicishvili" - one of the biggest children clinics in Georgia - and established a new psycho-social service. 
Until today the aim of the psycho-social service at "Cicishvili" is to improve constantly their attendance and the surrounding of the clinic from the psychological point of view.
Our new project is all about the Surgical Department. 

From a psychological point of view, the surrounding always has a big impact on how people feel. In this case the actual condition of the surgical department has a big impact on the little patients, which is not childfriendly at all. It effects that children feel more uncomfortable even when they are already in a very stressful situation just beeing in a hospital. The sticking point is that it can increase the "negative stress" and the danger of getting a trauma from their hospitalization in this clinic.
In addition to that the children, who are staying at the Surgical Deparment are not allowed to go downstairs to the main playroom, even when there is no playcorner at this department as itself. 

It is important to give them an opportunity where they can come down a bit and relief some stress and energy.
In consideration of this facts: We want to give the Surgical Department a new look!​​
                                       By brighten it colorfully up with two new play corners right at the department
                                                                                                                    & decorative wall paintings at the corridors.

All this is about to minimalize the stress for the children during their procedures and to provide them a childfriendly surrounding.
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director

Together with the current volunteer from the SSK, who is supported by the ASB Germany, the psychologists of the clinic elaborated a plan of action how to turn the Surgical Department into a childfriendly area. 

Our project starts from now on until August 2019. It ends with the finishing of the transformation of the department.

Our aim is to collect donations until June to start right away with the beautification!
----------- > HOW WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE ??

The last weeks we worked on a master plan and we need a minimum of 1.500 € for the realization of the beautification. The amount is only for materials and supplements - the work and transformation will be done by the physical strength of our volunteer and psychologists. Our timetable is fixed btw now and the end of August 2019!

     And now: We asking you for your help and your financial support
     With your help we would be able to realize a project that is close to our 's ! 
     Every help counts and means a lot to us!

>> HOW YOU CAN HELP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Step 1: Decide by yourself and make your donation until June 2019 under the
CODE WORD: „Weltwärts-Georgien - Make the Surgical Dept Great for Them“
                to       Name: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund
                           IBAN:  DE15 3705 0198 0018 8820 68
                           BIC:      COLSDE33 (Sparkasse Köln-Bonn)

Step 2: If you need a donation receipt fill out this form and send it 
                 back to  [email protected]

Step 3: Be sure that we are truly thankful for your support!! - THANK YOU.


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