In February2013, SSK established the Children’s Early Development Centre through Portage methodology. In Lagodekhi, early development specialists are trained and children of ages 0-7, who have special needs, are involved in the early development program through the assistance of those trained specialists who visit children at home and provide individual therapy sessions while taking care of the social integration of the children and the education of their parents.
The project provided for the partial reconstruction of one kindergarten in Lagodekhi and its equipping with toys, books and other materials. 

Portage  is an early development program which was principally created for children  aged 0-7 who have special needs.  Portage recognizes the significant role of caring human beings in the early development of a child and considers that the quality of the relationship between the child and parent is the most important thing during the early development stages, affecting how the parent feels the individual characteristics of his/her child’s reaction to the world and how well she/he listens to the child’s “language”; 

The elder person should support the early education and his/her efforts should be evident in daily routine and relationships. The parent’s role in a child’s welfare is reflected in full care. Portage is concentrated on the strengths of the child and the environmental conditions. The program envisages the environment in which the program is being run; the family, in cooperation with the program, is the decision-maker;the program is based on support and a relationship of trust.

The project was financed by "Aktion Mensch" supported by ASB Germany. In 2015 SSK became the status of "Service Deliverer" from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and   involves the participant beneficiaries in a social rehabilitation state program and provides them with vouchers under an early development subprogram. and now receives the vouchers under an early development subprogram.
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