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The Samaritan Association of Georgia is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. We are registered as a Non-governmental organization (NGO). 
We are a member of Samaritan International, besides which our partners include the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Germany as well as ASB Bonn.

Overcoming social discrimination and supporting a socially vulnerable population is the prestige of a country, reflected in its social policy and the implementation of state programs.
Together with the government, many  NGOs and  Foundation are involved in different programs  to help the people in needs.  
However, the country still faces many different types of people who are in need of assistance. 
Household appliances, medicines, equipment (such  as  wheelchairs, crutches   or glasses), the extra care costs, necessary objects for development and thematic games…the list goes on. Perhaps 1000 small things but most of vital curial importance to someone. 

The determination of needs for different age groups (those involved in programs of The Samaritan Association of Georgia ) and identification of their problems gives us the right to say this.

Charity and solidarity are the best forms for overcoming social discrimination and so they are successfully implemented around the world. The aim of the SSK (the Samaritan Association of Georgia) is the activation and mobilization of existing relations and resources for the assistance of particularly vulnerable groups in society

Mikheil Mindadze
President of The Samaritan Association of Georgia
This is how we started
SSK Georgia (Sakartvelos Samariteta Kavshiri) was first active between 1992 and 1997 in cooperation with the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Saarbrücken.
People in Georgia at the time lacked basic items like clothes and food. SSK and ASB Saarbrücken organized transports of food and clothes from Germany to Georgia. In addition, they organized summer camps for children suffering from the war and trips to the mountains for adults with disabilities. 
Since all activities were based purely on volunteerism, SSK reached an organizational limit in 1997 and ceased its activities.
In 2010, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Germany opened a country office in Georgia. While they started with their own projects, they also planned to support a national Samaritan organization, the goal being that this national organization would be able to take over the work of ASB within a few years.
As a result, SSK registered in 2010 as a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. Since then we have established a number of projects supporting children, people with disabilities and the elderly.
In addition, we provide First Aid and  Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) trainings.