Promotion of healthy lifestyle


სსკ-ს სპორტი

Rugby in Shida Kartli near the administrative borderline

In September 2014 the Austrian and Georgian Samaritans began the project “rugby for vulnerable children and youth” which allows children to devote their after-school free time to playing rugby.

The project aims to engage school-aged children of border villages Ditsi, Arbo, Cordy and Tirdznizi in sports, promote a healthy lifestyle and help them overcome the psychological trauma caused by the military conflict. Also, it aims to support children dealing with family conflicts.

During one year, up to 90 boys and girls will be trained by professional coaches from Tbilisi twice a week. The coaches will be assisted by locals who will receive a coaching license supported by the Georgian Rugby Union. The development of the project will be monitored by psychologists who will work on the issues mentioned.

One of our main tasks is to establish a rugby club in the villages, connect it with other clubs, and organize friendly matches. This is a trial project and we hope that similar projects will be implemented in other regions as well.

The project is funded by the Sports Ministry of Austria and the Georgian Rugby Union. UN Women is a partner in the project.


Football for Vulnerable Children and Youth

SSK together with Austrian Samaritans and the Arveladze Foundation, with the funding of the Austrian Ministry of Sports, began a new project in  September 2016.

The aim of the project is to integrate the youth of Pankisi into the social and cultural life of Georgia. 4 football teams were formed in the villages of Pankisi - Duisi, Birkiani, Arketi, and Omalo. The teams were trained by local coaches three times a week and friendly matches were held regularly.

By the end of the project, all coaches were awarded certificates and the established football school of Pankisi will join the Football School Network of Georgia.

Judo for children and youth in the Pankisi Valley

On September 1st, 2020 the fourth sports project of SSK and ASBÖ started with financial support from the Austrian Ministry of Sport.

The aim of the project was, on the one hand, to give socially disadvantaged children and young people the to enable regular exercise of the judo sport, as this has a positive effect on the physical well-being of young people, and on the other hand through the common practice of sport contributing to the rapprochement between Kists and Georgian children and young people to contribute, since the sport is the development of promotes a sense of community.

The project area was the village of Duisi Pankisi Valley, in which a judo club was founded for the first time in 2015.

The joint project of SSK and ASBÖ has therefore set itself the goal of social to offer disadvantaged children the opportunity under professional guidance to receive regular judo training and also take part in competitions can.

100 children and young people aged 6 to 25 from Duisi and the neighboring villages took part in the judo training in the former market hall of Duisi. 2 local Judo coaches who train a Canadian judoka to teach her techniques and her knowledge will be deepened The planned duration of the project is until August 31, 2021.

With the help of the Ministry of Sports of Austria and the Austrian Samaritans, SSK helped the judo club named after D. Margoshvili of Pankisi to buy equipment and a minibus.