Early intervention service


Early intervention service in Gori 

SSK is a service provider.

From year to year, the attitude of parents towards their disabled children changes. More parents acknowledge the situation and address the state for support. Accordingly, the demand for service-providing organizations increases.

This service is funded by the Department of Healthcare through the voucher system. The centers take care of 30 children between 0-7 years in Gori.


During one year, our specialists conducted 2880 visits, including 312 group training.


In the Gori center work three early intervention teachers, one coordinator, and one driver. In 2022, SSK trained two early intervention teachers and plans to hire new staff and expand the service in Gori in 2023.



Early intervention service in Lagodekhi

SSK is a service provider.

The number of children in the Lagodekhi center has increased compared to the last year. At present, 22 children benefit from the center's services.


During one year, specialists of SSK conducted 2112 visits, including 208 group training.


The center in Lagodekhi is very actively supported by the Lagodekhi Municipality over the years. The local government continues to finance the transportation of the beneficiaries, and SSK continues to receive 152 Gel per child per month from the central government.

Three early intervention teachers and one driver are working in the program.