Capacity Building



Vocational Education for Women and Men from Pankisy Valley 

Together with ASB Germany, SSK submitted a project outline to the Federal Foreign Office, which deals with vocational courses to improve the professional qualifications of women in the Pankisi Valley. With the support of the Federal Foreign Office, it is intended to contribute to the expansion of cooperation with civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia. The project started in August 2022 and serves 150 beneficiaries. The project is implemented in Duisi, Koreti, and Omalo.

It is worth mentioning the fact that since the beginning of the project, each course has literally 100% attendance. All the beneficiaries stated that these courses were of vital importance to them. They were able to improve their financial well-being with the knowledge received.

In addition to vocational courses, the psychologist conducted 16 sessions with beneficiaries. The psychologist discussed the topic "Self-care and promotion of women's mental health as a social challenge". In order to achieve more stability in conflict and difficult regions, it is important to empower women not only from a professional point of view but also by ensuring their mental well-being which in turn affects the welfare of the next generation and society as a whole.


Capacity Building of Ukrainian refugees in Georgia



Capacity building of Hresnics, to improve their skills and psychosocial resilience via delivering specific training programs. Hresnics are Ukrainian social assistance workers, who provide assistance for Ukrainians in Georgia.

Why Capacity Building Matters

Providing Hresnics with the skills and resources they need to succeed in their work is essential for the success of the overall program.

Training Topics

Hresnics receive training in a range of topics, including First Aid, Day Care, Communication and Conflict Management, Emotion, and Stress Management, and Self-realization and future planning.

Impact of Capacity Building

By building the capacity of Hresnics, we are able to improve the quality of services provided to Ukrainian refugees in Georgia.