Support of the Ukrainians



On September 2, 2022, SSK signed a service contract (“Cash voucher support to people affected by war in Georgia AA No S09 321 50 UKR 03_21” Project) with ASB Georgia.

The following activities are carried out within the framework of the Service contract:


  • Train 22 homecare team members - “Khresniks” in daycare and basic technical care skills as first aid
  • Train and monitor the psychological health and physical status of the “Khresniks” monthly
  • Visit and analyze “Khresniks” during their home visits to obtain high-quality standards of care and support for beneficiaries
  • To serve as a complaints entry point for beneficiaries, if the complaint is related to “Khresniks” (an appropriate complaints system will have to be set up by SSK
  • Purchase of COVID-19 protection gear for Team monitoring, “Khresniks” (FFP2 masks, and to be visited beneficiaries themselves (surgical masks)

During the project period, SSK will provide monthly psychologist meetings in Tbilisi and Batumi and monitoring visits in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kobuleti, and Kutaisi. SSK monitors visit and analyze Kresniks during their home visits.

With the help of the psychologist, monitoring tools are elaborated. The monitoring specialist hired under the project is trained; The monitoring person is observing Khrestniks' activities during their home visits to beneficiaries to obtain high-quality standards of care and support for beneficiaries. The monitoring results will be consulted with Unite Together, the project partner, who directly implements the service about the strength and weaknesses of each Khrestnik.


For a better analysis of the work done by the Khresniks, SSK developed a feedback form to be filled out by the beneficiaries. At the end of each month, SSK presents a general report on the basis of monitoring visits, psychologist reports, and feedback analysis.

Summer School




ASB Georgia conducted a needs survey of Ukrainian refugees in Georgia. The survey identified the following needs: integration of children and minors in the host country, normalization of the environment, and stress reduction. The "Summer School" project started in August 2022.


Within the framework of the project, Ukrainian and Georgian children attended various educational, sports, and fun activities. SSK Actively supports ASB Georgia in project implementation, we have provided free space for all lessons and sport activity, and we also help in the coordination of the project.


SSK organized the Christmas charity fair for children, they presented handmade Christmas toys and different paintings. Ukrainian and Georgian children participated in joint theather play.